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GENRE: Historical Drama.

1789 -1844 A true life story of Fernando de la Toba.

The time is 1844. Fernando has an infected leg and his left to die in the mountains of his large ranch in Baja Sur Mexico by two family members. As he was reflecting on his life. We go back in time when he was a 10 year old boy in Beci, Soputia Spain, The year is 1784. Fernando comes from a Noble family and is sent to a military base in Seville, Spain to become a Soldier. After the death of His father, Fernando is ordered to Presidio of Monterey California, New Spain.

While there, he kills a large black bear that is about to attack his Caption. In 1801, Sergeant Roca and Cadet Toba are sent to investigate San Miguel Mission, for the priests are being poisoned by the Indians, Just to find out it was the wine barrels containing copper belts. They saved some Indians from being hanged.

In 1799, Fernando got orders to be stationed in Loreto, Baja California. On their way they stop at San Luis Rey Mission, they find they are having a serious drought and need water to keep the mission running. Caption Verduzco and Fernando alone with some other soldiers gathered up some of the local Indians and dig and built a long aqueduct from the Guajome lake.

They finally make it to Loreto, Fernando falls in love with the Captain Verduzco’s daughter, they marry. Loreto is attacked by Chilean Pirates hired by Napoleon of France who overtook Spain.

Fernando becomes Governor of Baja heads to San Jose Del Cabo and is in Prisoned there by the Pirates, Because he would not declare loyalty to Spain as his country. Some soldiers from Loreto get Fernando out and have a battle with the Chileans pirates. They win the battle. Killing most of them, the rest swim out to their boats to sail off. At that point Sergeant Roca comes from Mexico City and tells Fernando that they finally got their independence from Spain. He stands on the top of the church stairs and declares independence to all.

Then we return to 1844 at the campfire where Fernando dies, the next morning the two family members return to pick him up. They take his body to the town of La Paz, where Fernando’s son, Pablo is getting married. They come out of the church to see the wagon rolling up, happiness turns to silence then tears of sadness.

Fernando de la Toba is one of many unknown heroes of his time, he fought for the people of this new country, which he loved.

Because of one man there are many de la Toba families throughout Mexico and the USA.

Fernando was a great leader, not without flaws, it was a crucial time in Mexico’s settlement and war for independence against Spain.

Fernando is a gripping and powerful tale of one man’s fight for freedom and independence, not just for himself and his family, but for all people living from Monterey, California to Baja South under the tyranny of Spanish colonization.

Fernando is an inspiring true story about love, revolution and honor. It is about making difficult and courageous decisions at the risk of losing everything and everyone. But in the middle of all this, he becomes the governor and declares Independence for Baja, California Mexico.

This is Fernando’s de la Toba’s life story.

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Fernando Jordan: The Other Mexico Biography of Baja California.

The Independence of Iturbide changed the state. If the political leaders of California knew what kind of Independence that had been, they did understand the dark meaning of the Embrace of Acatempan and if they suspected the questionable honesty of Don Agustín, it is something that cannot be known. Anyway, there was a man in California who took things to heart, and who took it upon himself to convince Californians that they were independent. It was Fernando de la Toba, a Biscayan who from his youth had served the Hispanic militia in Monterey (Alta California) and later in the southern capital: Loreto.

José Darío Arguello

Our Research

Brief history of Baja California
By Marco Antonio Samaniego

On June 21, 1821, Lieutenant Fernando de la Toba was temporarily in charge of the civil and military government of the province of Baja California. due to the owner’s illness; but this, the cavalry captain presided over José Darío Arguello, recovered from his ailments, he returned to exercise both authorities, the following October 6. At the beginning of March 1822, Lieutenant Fernando de la Toba, commander of arms of the southern jurisdiction, swears, in the mission of San José del Cabo, the act of national Independence, intimidated by two Chilean corsairs the boat Independencia and the Araucano brig. These ships shelled from the squadron of the famous Lord Cochrane on the western coasts of New Spain with the design of running on the Spanish flag, blocking the ports, provoking insurrection in the coastal populations or helping them, come from Alta California, where the efforts of his captains have crashed against the strong measures of the governor.


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